About gaming-models.de

gaming-models.de was started in early 2009 as a community project from mapping-tutorials.de.
Initiator and hoster of gaming-models.de is "Kloetengott" alias Sebastian Hermes. When the project was developed, two excellent coders, Sven "M4c" and André "ExXtReMe", joined the team to realize big parts of the technical content of this platform. Finaly we were supported by two moderators with a great know-how. These were "JackTheStripper"(Mapping) and "Nebukadnezar"(Modelling).

What is gaming-models.de?

gaming-models.de is a platform which brings modellers and map designers together. The idea behind this concept is, that every mapper can take some of our 246 models and 156 textures to use it in his project. So there is no need to create a chair or a plant on your own, if there is a applicable model in the database, that would fit in. Instead you share what you have created, so other map designers have less work, and by using content from gaming-models.de, you will have less work, too.
All provided content can be used in any non-commercial project. If you want to use models or textures for commercial projects, please get the permission from the owner of the content first, because any rights of the hosted content belong to the creator of the content!
Furthermore you can register in our discussion board to become a part of our growing community (850 members) or even tell some special wishes to our talented modellers in the marketplace.

Have fun browsing our content and good luck for your projects.