Lava Lava
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The texture is a blend texture of 2 lava materials, it uses bumpmapping blendmodulate textures and is self illuminating. A floating version is also included.

Die Textur besteht aus 2 Lava Texturen, sie benutzt Bumpmapping, Blendmodulate Texturen und is Self Illuminating. Eine fließende Version ist auch dabei.


SPYmaps 02.10.2011 15:12

Nikl, i really want to use quit a lot of your models and textures in my latest HL2 ep2 Sp-mod
called Rooftop Retreat;

but i can't find a email adress of you, or sent a pm from here to you.
can you please tell me how i can reach you and if it is ok when i use some of your assets.
and maybe we can talk about other stuff?
or please do contact me through;

leonbrinkmann AT

really hope to hear from you and thanks for this great new Lava texture,
i already know how i can use in in my mod that is almost done.

hope to hear from you!!


cjbeattie 01.10.2011 12:36

wow looks fantastic

Campeon 29.09.2011 21:27

Vielleicht liegts ja am Licht aber ich hätte mir ne intensivere Normalmap gewünscht! Ansonsten Top!

Dean 25.09.2011 01:38

Looks great!


  • Developer: Nikl
  • Date: 24.09.2011 16:01
  • Category: Liquid
  • Engine: Source Engine (EP2)
  • Resolution: 1024x1024
  • Views: 8435
  • Downloads: 440
  • Rating: 4
  • Source: n/a
  • Tags: floatinglavastone
  • Download Download (2535kb)