Fabia car

Fabia car Fabia car Fabia car Fabia car
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Skoda Fabia car in four different colors


sinand99 28.12.2011 00:16

@Jackthestripper you are a fucking moron who discourages artists with your stupid threats. You dont even know what "copyright" shit means..

Dinus Saurus 05.11.2011 11:29

Ok, I understand, but what I know about copyright I didnt break any rule: I dont harm their brand by those models and I dont want pay for my work, so I have no profit through/on their brand; on other way I want make good name of brand and share it in community, it can remind product placement, but with no harm.
I just made models and photos, I dont claim authorship on car itself or it idea, just on effort linked to electronic /very simplified/ converting to video game.
Something like you take photo and I remake it to the curves in Illustrator and make some changes or even change theme of your original idea...than it means that I put effort to my own work with your photo used just as matrix not final piece of work.

Jackthestripper 04.11.2011 18:30

Cool down man...
I dont dislike anything, i just wanted to know if the plates are fictional oder not.
Dont think i kidding you just for saving gaming-models from the police due to copyrights!!!

Dinus Saurus 02.11.2011 06:28

You kidding me?Not even logo and car, you dislike number on plates?
Dont I have to trash all of my models, when you dislike it?
Have you been ever in Czech republic an sae those plate?
Of cource that numbers are fictional (except one, which belongs to my brother, who agreed)

Jackthestripper 17.10.2011 14:58

Same as the Octavia... Pls change the Skoda Logo and the model name. And i hope the number plate is not a real one. If yes, pls change them too! Thank you!


  • Developer: Dinus Saurus
  • Date: 29.09.2011 18:29
  • Category: Vehicles
  • Engine: Source Engine (EP2)
  • Triangles: 2036
  • Size: 178 x 84 x 73
  • Prop: dynamic, static
  • Program: 3ds Max
  • Views: 3662
  • Downloads: 318
  • Rating: 4
  • Source: n/a
  • Tags: carfabiaskodavehicle
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