Octavia car

Octavia car Octavia car Octavia car Octavia car
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Skoda Octavia car in four different colors


MasterMuskrat 14.04.2014 00:05

hey dinus i got an idea to run by you(if you're still active on this site). you should take your vehicles and make another set of downloads of each individual piece of the car. Say like the car, all the doors in seperate downloads, and the front hood and trunk door in opposite downloads. so that when people put them into their maps they can make it customized where some of the doors can be in an open or closed position. say like if i make a map where i have a crashed car. i can have the trunk opened and have ammo inside of it like in the left 4 dead map Death Toll. just an idea i'd like to run by you. i think it would be nice. please respond either to me here or on my yahoo page. :)

sinand99 28.12.2011 00:14

Dinus, please ignore that idiot Jack, he is a copyright troll who harasses others. Your models are great, keep them coming! You can put logos and brands on your models because you made them yourself. It has nothing to do with copyright bullshit.

Dinus Saurus 02.11.2011 06:23

I changed name, but texture itself is not so quality to recognize logo (it dont even remind it).
I dont understand about your complains, see the other sites, there are many car models of famous brands and none cares about logos...

Jackthestripper 17.10.2011 14:56

Pls Change the Skoda Logo and the model Name due to copyright. Thank you!!


  • Developer: Dinus Saurus
  • Date: 29.09.2011 18:33
  • Category: Vehicles
  • Engine: Source Engine (EP2)
  • Triangles: 2100
  • Size: 196 x 87 x 65
  • Prop: dynamic, static
  • Program: 3ds Max
  • Views: 3837
  • Downloads: 398
  • Rating: 3
  • Source: n/a
  • Tags: caroctaviaskoda
  • Download Download (2645kb)

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